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Our sausages from our in-house butcher's shop as well as the mustard, sauerkraut and potato soup are handcrafted with care and love. You can taste it!


In this way, we are always in control and can provide you with consistent, top quality in our products.




The Wurstkuchl sausages are made exclusively from pure pork ham and only the master butcher in our modern in-house butcher shop knows the exact recipe. The fresh sausages then land directly on the charcoal grill of the historic Wurstkuchl.

However, if you also want to enjoy it far from Regensburg, you can get our sausages as canned goods in selected specialist shops or directly in our

Bratwurst Produktion

Our in-house production



Bratwürstl without the traditional sweet mustard would only be half the enjoyment, everyone knows that. Because we want to be sure that our guests only get the best on their plate, we also make our mustard ourselves. Only selected ingredients are used for this - and a pinch of horseradish ensures the spicy taste.

If you want to enjoy our mustard outside of the Wurstkuchl, you can buy it in selected specialist shops or directly in our online shop to order.

Wurstkuchl Senf
süsser Senf



Homemade barrel cabbage

- grown in winemakers -

Sauerkraut is the traditional side dish to sausages. Year after year, 60 tons of white cabbage ripen in wooden barrels in the cabbage cellar of the historic sausage kitchen to create spicy sauerkraut, the fine taste of which has made Wurstkuchl guests rave for many decades.

The white cabbage is supplied by the vegetable farmer Christian Graf from Regensburg-Winzer. To order in our online shop .


Potato soup


gives ...

If the hunger is very big or the appetite for sausages is rather small, our tasty potato soup is an alternative. Of course, like everything else, homemade and with ingredients from the region from the Härtl potato farm in Friesheim.

Order in our online shop.

Kartoffelhof Friesheim

Potatoes from the potato farm

Thomas Härtl from Friesheim

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